Science and Crosscutting Modules

Science and Generic Modules Department comprises  three units namely Language, Sciences and Entrepreneurship. It is a newly established department for Science and crosscutting modules taught at all levels of the college.  

Department's Services

  • Delivering Trainings related to sciences, languages and Entrepreneurship in Advanced Diploma, TSS and VTC;
  • Facilitating IPRC Karongi community to efficiently and effectively use English as a medium of instruction in their every day administrative and academic deliverables such as lectures, seminars, conferences, discussions, reports and correspondences' writing;

  • Training staff from different institutions with the aim of helping the surrounding community improving their English language proficiency through IPRC KARONGI LANGUAGE RESOURCE CENTRE, and Providing English language Proficiency certificate;

  • Designing languages courses programs at all level;

  • Organizing  debate competition;

  • Organizing public lectures and seminars in collaboration with other departments and Public Relations Office;

  • Providing Trainings related to Entrepreneurship to IPRC Karongi community