Laboratories & Workshops

Innovations and awards scooped  by and at IPRC Karongi is given by intensive practice by trainees, adequate environment with well equiped workshops and Loaboratories and professional materials. Trainees are led by qualified technicians and instructors to acquire skills and experience effectively and efficiently.

Rules and regulations are put in place to facilitate such works focusing on the needs of each party but also to sustainably keep the infrastructure for all Rwandans.

1. Electrical and Electronics Workshop and Laboratory

Electrical and Electrinics Department has been displaying innovations owing to  enough practices and competitiveness by learners. such practices are facilitated by the following equipments

2. General Mechanics Workshop

The workshop is used by TSS,VTC and Advanced Diploma students to acquire hands-on skills and apply them producing machines,machine parts and and other equipments and materials used in People's daily life. Other services provided include Welding, technical, maintenance, bending, Quality control just to name few. A lot of machines have been produces and more is to be done.

3.Masonry and Construction Workshop

4. Motor Vehicle Mechanics Technology

Wheel and Tyres, Automotive electricity and Electronics, Steering and Braking, Painting, Engine Testing, Motor Vehicle Inspection, smoke testing, wheel alignment test, spark cleaning, just to name few are some of equipments available in the IPRC Karongi MVM Workshop to services such as teaching, Quality control, maintenance, machine and vehicle repair, Motor Vehicle Inspection just to name few.

5. Plumbing Workshop

To better train many Rwandans able to solve technical problems facing the rural community, IPRC Karongi backed by World Banks through Skills Development Program (SDP) has build other workshops Plumbing one included.

6.ICT Laboratory

Research is of core importance for trainers and trainees to keep updated with new world information but also to refer to others whom we are in competition. IPRC Karongi disposes 2 ICT Laboratories fully connected and open for minimum possible time.

7. Hospitality Centre

This is aa new training centre offering a multiple services to neighbouring and people joining the institution to be equiped with skills and knowledge to offer services in Hotel in turn. It is also to improve services provided by Hotels in the region.


Article 1: Access to the workshop

  1. The trainees are not permitted to enter the workshop without trainer
  2. Food and drink are prohibited to students while they are in the workshop
  3. Always wear the correct protective equipment with respective to the tasks to be performed.
  4. Notify immediately the workshop supervisor for any faulty or broken equipment
  5. Always ask if you are not sure how to use tools safely
  6. Always keep distant from any person operating tools and machinery
  7. Do not talk to anyone operating electrical equipment or machinery
  8. More than one person are not allowed to use one machine at once
  9. Keep properly your workplace and make sure your work piece is securely fixed before work starts.
  10. Immediately clean up any spills
  11. Always wash your hand after using equipment and materials
  12. Tools of any kind are not allowed to be removed from workshop without permission.
  13. Trainees are not permitted to enter the store of the workshop .If the tools are required, ask the workshop supervisor.
  14. It is a responsibility of each student to keep his or her workplace clean and tidy.
  15. Request all needed tools before work starting to avoid time wasting.
  16. The trainers are not allowed to leave the trainees in workshop without other supervision.
  17. Attendance in the workshop while you have taken drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  18. Trainees with any health problems (eg: medication, epileptic fits) must report to the workshop staff.
  19. All loose clothing (eg, shirts hanging out) must be tucked in.
  20. Safety boots or enclosed shoes must be worn in the workshop Do not enter under any circumstances without this footwear. (There are no exceptions to this rule).
  21. Long hair has to be tied up including fringes.
  22. Some rings are a hazard, preferably do not wear them.
  23. Trainees that wear glasses must be aware that their ordinary glasses are not safety glasses. They are only impact resistant and may shatter.

Article 2: Safety in the workshop

Article 3: Clothing & footwear

Article 4: Common workplace safety

  1. Safety Glasses and hearing protection: Every one entering the workshop must collect these items from just inside the door. They must be worn when machinery is being in the workshop, but as they are forgotten sometimes, preferably worn at all times.
  2. It is the responsibility of everyone in workshop to keep his or her workplace clean and tidy. This will be done during and after the completion of your project.

Article 5: Workshop entrance

When you enter the workshop, pick up your hearing and eye protection and immediately report to the workshop supervisor.

Article 6: Machinery usage

Trainees are not allowed operating with any machine without the permission of trainer:

Article 7: Behavior in workshops

Fooling around and practical jokes in the workshop will not be tolerated. These trainees will be told to leave the workshop.                                

Article 8: First aid

All accidents, cuts abrasions must be reported before leaving the workshop so as to get medical assistance on time.

Think before reacting to any emergency in the workshop. Do not attempt to fight any fire unless you have been trained to do so.

Article 9: Operating machinery

When trainee is operating machinery all other trainees are to stay clear and not to talk to the operator. If you feel uneasy or unsafe operating any tools or machinery in the workshop, inform the workshop supervisor and help will be provided.

Article 10: Exiting the Workshop

Before you leave the workshop, check if any tools you have been using is put in the appropriate spots .Make sure your workplace is cleaned and have notified the workshop responsible.

Workshop safety is everyone’s responsibility!