Information Technology

Information and Technology Program aims at preparing computer technicians who will be competent enough to work readily as per current Information Technology Industries demands, and provide general, balanced basic knowledge and skills to students. It enables students to become self-employed as they get the chance for competencies optimization in ICT major areas namely Computer Hardware, Multimedia, Software, Networking and Databases.

At the end of the programme, the graduates are able to stand out at the labour market in the following acquired skills:

  • Design and install ICT systems for specific needs

  • Plan maintenance and service equipment related to the Electronics / computer industries

  •  Demonstrate Knowledge and techniques for explaining, installation and maintenance of ICT / computer systems

  • Determine the most appropriate ICT setups and methods for implementing them

  • Apply methods and techniques learned to review and critically analyse and demonstrate knowledge and ability to understand and solve ICT related problems.

  • Organize ICT technology tasks into a structured form.

  • Design, build and test computer systems.

  •  Use relevant laboratory equipments and analyze the results critically.

  • Analyze Software, information systems or applications

  • Manage Applications

  •  Administer Database Management Systems

  • Develop software

  • Implement Software coding according to a design

  • Participate in system requirement analysis

  • Administer Website

  • Develop Website

  • Cope with new technologies in ICT / computer field.

  • Design and implement home and office network in Data communication Network