Hostels are available to accommodate Technical Secondary School (TSS)/Vocation Training (VTC) and Advanced Diploma students. Students in Technical Secondary School are accommodated in the main campus whereas Advanced Diploma and Vocational Training Students are accommodated in Nyamishaba campus.  All students are supposed to follow the rules and regulations set and enforced by the executive committee in collaboration with the Directorates of Students Affairs and Academic Affairs regarding the hostel.

The Directorate of Students Affairs as mentioned here in, facilitates students in Advanced Diploma, Technical Secondary School and Vocational Training programs to get accommodations and coordinate Services to the beneficiaries.

Hygiene and Environment

A regular inspection in kitchen, hostels and gardens is conducted for restrict observance of hygiene. IPRC Karongi’s estate has beautiful gardens maintained on a daily basis by the company in charge of hygiene and sanitation. Anyone at the institution is warned on keeping the hygiene at the first range for his/her healthy state.