Sports and Entertainment

Culture, Sports and Leisure:

Entertainment makes a very important part humanbeing to let all the parts of human body work. It is also a way of helping the body to breathe. At IPRC Karongi, sport is more encouraged to facilitate students in their daily studies.  IPRC Karongi has a variety of sports and cultural activities and has adopted a participative approach by working in partnership with students. There are  social and religious activities, sport disciplines, traditional dance, debate club among others.

IPRC Karongi Handball Academy:

Our students in Level III, IV & V (former TSS) are very chanceful to pursue handball training in addition to the program they are admitted to. The selection process is conducted for Level III whereby handball trainers test students capacities and career in handball. The selected students start their  handball academy training beside their level III studies, and they engage in handball championships at the country level as a first division team. Upon the completion of each level, the selected students get their certificates as per RTQF plus handball academy certificates. The latter offers Handball Player Certificate in level III, Handball Referee in level IV and Handball Coach in level V.

IPRC Karongi Volleyball Team:

We have got a very strong men volleyball team. The institution avail all needed facilities, smart playgrounds, clothes, shoes, balls,  to maintain the team strong. Apart from Handball and Volleyball teams registered at national level, there are other numerous sport clubs (boys and girls) through which our students compete in interschools' tournaments in different sport disciplines such as football, volleyball, handball, athletics among others.

Access to Information and Relaxation:

Television sets with different channels and newspapers are put at the disposal of students to access news during break time and anyother freetime for them to escape from boredom as they relax and get informed.It is also to not that some TV stations has infotainment crucial for students.

All Staff Sports:

Apart from students, IPRC Karongi staff practice sports in all disciplines whereby everyone is encouraged to participate any of his/her choice among the available ones like football, basketball, jogging, swimming among others. Sports is mandatory to all staff every Friday from 3:00 PM. For further promote spots among staff and make them inclusive, the Institution has reserved the gymnasium for staff interested in Aerobic. The latter is scheduled every Monday and Wednesday after working hours.