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National Skills Competition 2020: IPRC Karongi hosts Provincial Selection

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Karongi on 3rd-4th March, 2020: Today, IPRC Karongi hosts provincial selection process towards National Skills Competition 2020 themed “Empower and...

IPRC Karongi student ranks first in 2019 National TVET Examinations results

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Kigali, on 24th February, 2020: Alexis Uwitonze, a Level 5 student in Automobile Electricity and Electronics trade at IPRC Karongi was ranked as...

IPRC Karongi community pledge to fight Corruption

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Karongi on 12th February, 2020: Delegates from Karongi Intermediate court have addressed IPRC Karongi staff and students on offenses and penalties for...

African Drone Forum Experts to train IPRC Karongi students on unmanned Aircrafts Technologies

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Karongi on 10th February, 2020: Today, at IPRC Karongi was officially opened five day drone training to be delivered to IPRC Karongi students by...


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