IPRC Karongi aspires to be the leader in professional training that provides an innovative and excellent education for knowledge-based economy and sustainable development.


IPRC Karongi empowers students to develop their knowledge, skills, and potential as critical thinkers. It provides high quality technological, professional and vocational training, develops creative, competitive, innovative and entrepreneurial manpower with hand-on-experience.



IPRC Karongi takes great pride in the quality of education that is provided to its students. the community as well as the coutry expect IPRC Karongi to produce qualified and competitive technicians able to solve technological,socio and economical problems facing the community.To meet all of these,IPRC Karongi has identified values to guide in service delivery of every day:

 · Hands-on-experience

 · Professionalism

 · Creativity

· Competitiveness

·Self -Reliance

· Community engagement


Skills for a better destiny