IPRC Karongi hands over a two in one house donation to needy families

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Karongi, on 13th March, 2020: Today, IPRC Karongi has handed over a two in one house to two needy families located in Karongi District, Bwishyura Sector with the aim to address critical issues that still face Rwandan society.

The donated house worthy six million seven hundred thousand Rwandan franc (6,700,000 FRW), and it is constructed in Bwishyura Sector, Gasura Cell. IPRC Karongi realized this activity of solidarity to contribute to “Human Security Issues”, a program of Government of Rwanda do address problems among Rwandan society includes lack of shelters.

The house was given to Mukaruhunga Foibe, an old mother and Uwimana Jeanne who has returned in Rwanda with her two young daughters from DR Congo. The beneficiaries overjoyed and expressed their gratitude to IPRC Karongi for supporting them as well as local leaders for there is no injustice and nepotism.

Apart from the cost of constructing the house with its kitchens, toilets, electricity and water, IPRC Karongi has equipped the house with four beds and mattresses, two for each, bed sheets and covers as well as sofas. The beneficiaries were also given rice, maize flour and beans.

All those bring the total cost to seven million five hundred twenty-six thousand Rwandan Franc (7,526,000 FR), and this comes after other three houses IPRC Karongi donated to needy families in surroundings in past years.

Mayor of Karongi District, Vestine Mukarutesi and Paul Umukunzi, PAT of IPRC Karongi handing over the house


Karongi District and IPRC Karongi officials in Foibe's house

Jeanne with her daughters

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