Rwanda celebrates African Day of School Feeding

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March 5, 2020: Rwanda joins the rest of Africa to celebrate African Day of School Feeding, a day which was celebrated in all districts across the country mainly at GS Kirambo Secondary School in Karongi District, Gitesi sector there has taken place the celebration at national level.

It is 5th occasion of Africa Day of School Feeding celebration. This year theme is “Home grown school feeding towards creating conducive environment for Africa’s development, sustainable security and peace”.

The event started with fruit trees plantation in a school farm by different officials so as to enable students to take a healthy diet with fruits at school. Children were served a meal with fruits and milk as a good example of a lunch to be taken every day.

In her remarks, Hon. Minister of Education Dr. Valentine Uwamariya highlighted the importance of School Feeding. She said, “Feeding children at school, is a relevant program to nurture the education we want. Taking lunch at school is prominent as it helps students to always be present and punctual at school.”

The Minister added that studying with a non empty stomach increases students’ concentration capacities as well as unity and sociability among them, which is a cornerstone to preparing the bright future for our children, our youth in particular and the country’s development in general.

Alphonse Munyantwali, the Governor of Western Province has pledged local leadership full participation in enhancing School Feeding and maximizing the program implementation percentage because the Province is at 79.8%.

The Mayor of Karongi District, Mrs. Vestine Mukarutesi has said that school feeding has played a significant role in reducing school dropouts in Karongi. “This program is a key to having good health, and the basic right to every child. We continue doing all our best to support and empower school feeding in all our schools,” Mayor addressing the public.

"In this district, school feeding program has increased the students class attendance and punctuality which in return helps teachers to deliver their lesson on time," said the Mayor.

Partners believe school feeding is effective that it will contribute to successfully reaching the country’s target vision 2050. “To reach the vision, we need to work hard, school feeding is a way to provide children with needed capacity to grow and learn well,” said World Food Program Representative.

“The importance of school feeding in the world and Rwanda in particular is extremely large. It improves academic performance, nutrition for children/adolescents as well as investment for growth economy,” she added.

African Day of School Feeding is celebrated on 1st February every year in African countries, but Rwanda decided to move this to take place on 5th March.

Hon. Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya addressing the public

Alphonse Munyantwali, the Governor of Western Province

Mrs. Vestine Mukarutesi, the Mayor of Karongi District

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